The Queen

This is an introduction page, where the headline is Queen of Science.

How I met Queen of Science…

It was my Primary Five, I have been searching Wikipedia about a subject called ‘Number Theory’ for a long time. That’s is an astonishing subject. Lots of conjectures that a primary school student can understand but have taken mathematicians centuries to attack, and gave up… My math teacher, Mr. Tang have been announcing the math elite class since I was a primary five. That’s the day he changed my life.

“Why dividing two, three, five and seven is able for us checking whether it is a prime for 2 to 100? If you can answer me, I promise letting you in the elite class.”

A student attempted, and failed(it was just an explanation mistake). So I stood up and answered, ‘As all composite number smaller then 100 must contain a prime factor smaller then sqrt(100), and the only primes less than 10 is 2,3,5 and 7. So we can determine whether it’s a prime only by dividing 2,3,5 and 7.’ “When the criteria failed.” ‘11^2=121?’ That day, he made his promise.

Die Mathematik ist die Königin der Wissenschaften und die Zahlentheorie ist die Königin der Mathematik. ~Gauss

 Mathematics is the queen of sciences and number theory is the queen of mathematics.

Years later, I, a well trained Olympians, made this blog, Queen of Science. Inspired by Evan Chen’s great writing and his lovely, clean blog. I started my writing. Although it’s not really about mathematics. It is the title of my blog, dedicated to Mathematics.

Because Mathematics brings me up to sky and down to river, She brings me meeting my first valentine, bringing me to the depth of sadness, and getting me into faces of glory.

Where do mathematics leading me now? I have no idea, but in here, I invite you joining me into the journey [just click the subscribe button!] Because she doesn’t only teach me math, but the way we face danger, failure and even our very own weaknesses.

I am Mark Lau Tin Wai, a greek from Hong Kong, studying secondary five on Pui Ching Middle School


Life & Thoughts

It’s my soul and pen. The recent updates are ‘The Time Balance’, writing on time management, ‘Being, or not being a Christian’, writing on why I am not a Christian, or why I am. These blogs are all writing in (Broken) English.

Little Travelers

Peoples from Hong Kong are generally busy. Their footsteps are really fast comparing to other places. So when I have time, I would go to different places in Hong Kong, and write a travel blog!

練筆痴 (A fool that always practice writing)

My Chinese writing. I think a big language difference between Chinese and English(Mainly because I am suck on English) is English are more argumentative and Chinese are more intuitive. Hence this category comes. I can’t update this blog very fast as I don’t know how to type in chinese.


Of course we can’t miss the title! But I generally don’t write really mathy things. Instead a diary going for a math competition (SIMC Diary) or else..



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