Coursework and Lecture Notes

During classes, I would always like to take notes by myself (but always hardly succeed), but if they get finished, I would try to upload them here.

1.Understanding Non-Euclidean Geometry

Starting with special geometric structures of complex plane, students will learn symmetry and conformality on complex transformations; the intriguing correspondence between the complex plane and a sphere; and Mobiüs transformation. Then students would be introduced to a number of amazing properties of Non-Euclidean Geometry from a modern point of view, including hyper-parallelism, non-Euclidean distance, constant curvature, and hyperbolic trigonometry.

2. Riemann Hypothesis explained

Explanation of Riemann hypothesis, should also be understand by amateur.


The world would be a great place if I could write about everything I knew about, but alas I have a finite amount of time. So in addition to the stuff I have on this website, here’s a list of other resources I like.

Please notify me of any broken links, suggestions, etc. by email.

(Above paragraph is copied from Evan Chen…)


The only best suggestion is the book and website from Evan Chen. That’s all


Good enough for me (or easy enough) to read is the Olympiad combinatorics book from AoPs, by Pascal96

Number Theory:

No resource are really good enough(That’s why I would really want to write one)


Inequalities: That’s fine la, they are fading out in Olympiad problems… but apparently a standard exposition is Olympiad Inequalities 

Functional Equation: Evan Chen

Polynomials, Sum/Product: …

General Lecture Notes:

That’s easier… For too much beginner, I recommend Lecture Notes for Mathematical Olympiad Course Junior Section online can be download. To an already know calculus person, I recommend Kin Y Li Lecture Notes for the course Mathematical Problem Solving