Chloe Napkin

Chloe Napkin Project

Invitation letter to student

‘Adventure?’  ~Ivor from Minecraft Story Mode

I believe you already know, once you begin, you never stop, or it won’t stop where you expected. And you must continue, or remains regret.

Our ‘trying out phrase ‘ complete, and more phrases coming. I am really happy we can actually submit a fine and neat report to this large local math project competition. The success of Chloe Napkin is thanks to you guys. Later a leader report would be sent to you and teachers. But let me finish the summer holiday homework first.

This academic year, the Chloe Napkin Project, directed by me, would proudly represent you the intensive race for mathematics. This whole year would be a brand new aspect for you, Math Olympiad. You have probably tasted the hardness of it, right? Never mind, you would grow up, more stronger, more tougher (And I admit, the content would more harder also).

Get you some general info, the course homepage would be on my website. And you can find my schedule there. (I recommend subscribing my site too!).  All the wrap up is, hope you enjoy the course!

Best wishes, Mark Lau Tin Wai (Director of Chloe Napkin)

First Term (Chloe: Olympiad) Schedule & Notes



Pre-Reading: First Lesson in Olympiad Euclidean Geometry

  1. Angle Chasing (written by E.Chen)
  2. Circles (written by E. Chen)
  3. Lengths and Ration (written by E.Chen)
  4. Barycentric Coordinates (written by Max Schindler)

Problem Solving Session



  1. Complex bashing