Memories on EPYMT

Once Upon a time, there is the Chinese University of Hing Kong, School of Science Mathematics Department hold a program call Enrichment Program for Mathematics Young Talent (EPYMT) which have four summer courses (Geometric Perspectives of Complex Numbers(GPCN), Number Theory and Cryptography(NTC), Towards Differential Geometry(TDG) and Understanding Non-Euclidean Geometry(UNEG))and a full of potential math student… Continue reading Memories on EPYMT

Singapore Invitational Mathematical Challenge

SIMC Diary 2016 #Finale

Cultural Immersion Programme It’s time to buy our souvenirs! I thought the SIMC’s climax has already passed through, but the morning is quite interesting. We(only I and Jeff) have completely different behavior, While I am thinking this doesn’t worth it, Jeff has shown his best economics ability(this means he has a lot of money). First,… Continue reading SIMC Diary 2016 #Finale

Singapore Invitational Mathematical Challenge

SIMC Diary #1

Introduction This series of diaries, namely 7/5, 22-28/5 will be published.I am one of the representatives of HKUST(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, ust for short) to participate in the Singapore invitational mathematical challenge (SIMC for short), SIMC is a modeling challenge held two years once, and this year is the 5th SIMC, and because I can… Continue reading SIMC Diary #1