Memories on EPYMT

Once Upon a time, there is the Chinese University of Hing Kong, School of Science Mathematics Department hold a program call Enrichment Program for Mathematics Young Talent (EPYMT) which have four summer courses (Geometric Perspectives of Complex Numbers(GPCN), Number Theory and Cryptography(NTC), Towards Differential Geometry(TDG) and Understanding Non-Euclidean Geometry(UNEG))and a full of potential math student… Continue reading Memories on EPYMT

Singapore Invitational Mathematical Challenge

SIMC Diary 2016 #Finale

Cultural Immersion Programme It’s time to buy our souvenirs! I thought the SIMC’s climax has already passed through, but the morning is quite interesting. We(only I and Jeff) have completely different behavior, While I am thinking this doesn’t worth it, Jeff has shown his best economics ability(this means he has a lot of money). First,… Continue reading SIMC Diary 2016 #Finale