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Three Things that not many people know about me

In English lesson,we are told to tell three things that not many people know about me. Three Things, no big deal. And because it is a school lesson, lessons need to be told. Hence it is the full script I prepared, as I write before I speak, it is likely not really I have spoken. However, here you go.

Three Things that not many people know about me (My version)

I am happy to be here and tell you three things that not many people know about me. A really inappropriate getting to know you present. However someone have tried. I have no excuse.

First thing is about ‘Before Math’.

As you probably know, I am quite famous at my embarrassing math skills. Like you may know I once got around 60 marks in my primary school math test. So Before math, what did I actually do before getting in the elite math class? Nothing actually. In primary four I just get average grades on my school. No any such outstanding performance. I am not saying humbly, I don’t ever known there is an English and math elite class when I was Primary Six. Look, I am just an average student that doing homework after lunch in order to gain more time at home. So what make a difference:Talent didn’t show up anywhere.

Answers lies on the internet. I spend half of time surfing the internet. I didn’t begin with mathematics. But I begins in surfing about Chinese Culture. I read a lot about the story of famous ancient Chinese people, the history of ancient China. I am quite fascinated in it. I know lots on the story of Chinese. I think a lot, imagine myself being them fighting enemies, or being the king that rules the empire… I once dreamed to be a doctor working on Traditional Chinese Medicine, gave up because I can’t surf any theory about Chinese medicine. And Mathematics came in to my life. At last it plays a large part getting me into math elite class. My life changed.

What do you do in internet? Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat? Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can – there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did. Keep this habit until you find yourself falling in love in it. Find your Talent, and don’t give up.

Second thing is about Presentation.

I personally hate dull presentation. If you have seen one of my presentation, next time you would know which is the one that I directed. I hate the typical stupid one… Two students performing a dialogue, too sleepy. Once I am told to talk about a math book. And I just told something non-sense, just want a 15 minutes laughing around. I got the score that really high considering I have done only a page book report. Be thousands time creative. It’s your face, facing the audience. Make things big. Fine, I give you a story.

Once I took a biology course, oh my holy chloe I hate biology, Studying biology is equivalent to eating bacteria. And as I born in a Cantonese speaking country, we don’t know how to pronounce that hundred of words. Even worse, there are groups doing the same topics. But I am able to give the teacher a shine because at last I made a nice talk about why we choose the topic.. Some words of the director. So Please, be creative of doing presentation. Be Professional is just simply be creative. If it something like math conference then that’s okay. But if you are giving a simple project representation. You can be funny, be very convincing. Make things interesting. I believe that 80% of your classmate aren’t interested in what’s you are saying. You are talk very interesting even if your topics is dull.

Third thing is an ads. I produce a blog, and guess what? I put the script into my blog, you can find it in Three Things that not many people know about me. Please follow!

Three Things that not many people know about me (Teacher version)

The teacher actually tried first, lessons came in and I want to share with you.

First thing of her is actually a joke, she is tired of students asking her age and count hardly after years. Hence the first thing is she is 4 year old forever. Never mind that.

Second thing is about her experience of adopting animals from SPCA. She love cats and she have 3 cats at her home. I personally dislike animals and classmate think they are cute. The main point is, she has a black cat. You may have probably know, black cat means unlucky. The results also shown that black cats are popular in adoption. And which is wrong:

There’s no race, no religion, no class system, no color, nothing, no sexual orientation that makes us better than anyone else. We are all deserving of love.

~Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is a celebrity that adopts a black children, and while someone ask her, and gave the quote. Deserving loves just hit the jackpot. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love is just simply blind. This black cat reminds me the cats musical. The abandoned cat returns. I won’t use the word ‘love’ here as I always think of ‘sexual love: wife and husband’, but at least it can be replaced as respect, don’t judge person as it’s black.  Research once shown that Americans don’t adopt cats simply because it’s hard to take a selfie with them. Our teacher shows that it’s not true, she shows photography that reflects actually black cat is really cute.

Last thing is going to the zoo. My teacher loves animal but hate going to the zoo. Her favorite animal is polar bear and the story begins when she went to a zoo and see a polar bear. The weather was extreme hot, and the action of polar bear is actually repeating itself. Steps forward three, move around and steps three forward. The terrifying situation scares her, and the results is she never go to school again. You can see what does she mean, right?

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