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2016 Birthday in Admiralty

Little Traveler!

As you may see in my about page The Queen, my first article in Little Traveler is finally out!!! The intention on this category is because I (also citizens in Hong Kong) are really busy. I myself can’t spare some time going place inside HONG KONG even in summer holiday, that’s why my classmate always compliant that I don’t have any time participate in other activities. However, when I got an hour or two, I would love to walk alone, and? Brilliant idea on my long no update blog! That’s why the this blog post came out.

When you search my category Little Traveler, it would be the first blog post, in fact, there is a series of diaries can be categorized in Little Traveler, SIMC Diary, an excellent experience in Singapore.

Something bad in SIMC Diary

I would conclude my regrettable point I did badly in my blog, actually not really about my blog, (yes yes yes I have lots of spelling and grammatic mistakes), it’s about my writing blog thought. You know, I need to spend time to write my blog, and it spent time in a day, although it is not avoidable, but I think I spent too much time on it when I discovered there is a heavenly bookshop around where I lived, and actually got me bit angry at that time. Anyway, I won’t let it happen this time. I think it is a common mistake among ‘diary writer’, you definitely shouldn’t think like ‘Okay, today is brilliant enough, let me spend some hours to write it down.’ No! What the hell is ‘a brilliant enough day’! Find more fun!

And now we begin, back to 7th August, 2016…


Although it’s your birthday, I received fear and tears. 8 days later, It’s my birthday, but I still truly wish you are blessed with all the happiness, because I believe, after all…

You would share with me, right?

Waking up and busy on the schedule, last night I didn’t planned my schedule, actually I planned time planning the schedule, and I said, ‘why not watch Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire again?’ And Phew… I didn’t expect Harry Potter movie is so long…Anyway, I and my mum finally arrive Admiralty at 8.20. Haven’t eaten a breakfast, we went to Starbuck having a breakfast. And suddenly, I thought a video about birthday.

Back to the opening quote, 29th July, 2016. When I was waiting the lessons in CUHK, and I saw a video, a group of people gave a girl a surprising birthday present, a Starbuck cupcake. And that day I had some troubles… And today, or even years and centuries I bless her. And we have a sit in the same restaurant. We left, crossing Hong Kong Park, we arrived the Peak Tram. There is side note about the tram:According to a study by The University of Hong Kong, passengers riding on The Peak Tram will experience a spectacular visual illusion; when going uphill, the high rises of the right ride of the tram appear to fall toward The Peak. This Peak Tram illusion is induced by a change of the subjective vertical caused by the tilted visual environment and reclining body position of observers inside the tram. Anyway, we were on the Peak at nine. And, no shop opened. Hence the best option is, we walked through a long pathway, not a very deep staircase, but spent us whole hour, and when we back into the same place, most of the shop opened. I would suggest doing the same next time, because there would be lots of people ahead. And it’s best method. However, my mum were too tired. And I shopped.

Being a poor male person, where in the heaven I can shop, but I bought the only thing I really loved in the Peak, candies in Happy Lab~ beans in a test tube, and it’s the only thing that caught my eyesight. We came back.

Keep it in mind, I won’t let my journey didn’t have a stop with a bookshop, and I came to Wan Chai, a good bookshop, the book I bought was ‘Count Down’, I read the book 6 times, borrowed from the library 3 times. And I finally bought it.

A Cake and A Night

The so-call birthday party, and I have done some math, Hey, It’s my main component of my perfect day! The dinner is also good. My sister bought me a statue of Sherlock with a violin. The light in the building are prepared of the night.

Night in Tsim Sha Tsui  is perfect, I bought a very expensive notebook to my sister. She is going to UK this month, completing her adventure in university. My teacher once said every year one has a birthday, but this year, after this year, everything changed. ‘Please look at the invariant.’ Jack Wills, the candy store, ice cream store they remains and people are prepared to leave, I don’t know when I can come back here, and I don’t know what life would be. A sorrow sadness. Are you prepared? I asked myself across the wind, sitting at the Harbour. The night, as a typical HongKongers, Happy Friday, Great Saturday and the Last Sunday. The bad Monday comes without a word. It’s ten. We have to back home. Th e YouTube video by Thnxcya is great, the story is about Matt and Laura, Matt come to time stream saving Laura, stopping the virus. I admit the game is rather not exciting, but the story is emotional. Although I cannot publish my blog post at 7.02 a.m. (It’s the time when I am born.) It’s already across my mind. Although someone poke me out in instragram, the experience had already ended. My new whatsapp wall paper is changed, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen hugging a puppy, smiling. Ah! What’s my birthday wishes?

With her to the end.

Photo Gallery


The Peak
Happy beans bought from Happy Lab, The Peak



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