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Being, or not being a Christian

It’s just a sudden thought that, why not write a blog about Christians?

Let me introduce the connection between me and Christianity. I actually grown up a non-Christan family, but my primary and secondary school are all Christians school. Hence I have learned a lot about bibles and Christan. I actually got a lot of amount of time thinking about it. Here, I got a pride sharing with you.

The Philosophical Argument

In philosophy, I actually on the side with Christianity. Notice in philosophy, we can only discuss about the existence of god. We can define God is a object that is omnipotent omnipresent and omniscient. It’s because we only discuss Christianity. So we use the easier definition. And we have to determine if god exist. That is, if god exist, can we lead a contradiction? Here is a disclaimer that I actually aren’t a philosopher, but rather a mathematician.  Also the argument is being discussed long ago and them have no results. Hence I just have the two argument(I will actually make them stronger), they are

  • The god existence is rather nontrivial, followed by long endless of discussions.
  • This argument is useless.

The first argument is actually rather self-explanatory. I actually pretty believed in the first cause argument. Put it simply, who is your grand grand grand…grandfather? This is like the chicken and the egg argument, Do we have egg first, or chicken first? The answer pretty easy. It’s because we have outside creator create the system of egg and chicken. Hence we both have egg and chicken, which who came first is just a matter of choice. To generalize it, our universe must like the egg and chicken system, can’t create itself, assume not, then itself must self-creating, which actually not willing to see of a mathematician, which it has easily pump out several questions (e.g if a person came out their own system and go to another system, what will happen?, If the universe is actually self creating, can we count how many universe are there?) Lazy to verify the rules, we probably turn the eye and believe that god exist. The another side of argument is, what is the creator of the creator itself, if it is self creating, it would be lots of them, which contradict to the uniqueness of god we expect. As the result, I really rather believe that god exist. The second argument will be explained latter.

The Historical argument

I actually found my school teacher to talk about this, so I actually believed his argument. There are lots of people treating our bible is not true, or we cannot just treat it is right because a book has written before saying this thing is right. In here I am not agree of them. First of all, according to my teacher, there are various of books recording this thing down, even other religious book record this down.We have no doubt believe this thing happens. Also in mathematics, we have lots of examples we actually can’t believe it is true although it has already proven!  So you really can’t argue that Jesus Christ is not happened before.

Before we proceed, I want to disclaim some big bullet point, these two argument above actually don’t prove anything about Christianity! It’s because these argument are limited by the subject. First, the philosophical argument is actually limited, we can only have enough evidence believe that god exists. Aware of the word ‘believe’, we actually not 100% confident that god exist. We actually judge it by the surface evidence, due to the limited intelligence. Some philosophers said god cannot be defined! Maybe I think the more reasonable argument is if god is ultimate, than he is better then logic itself! So how we proceed discussing if god exist? How about the Historical argument, more easier, just imagine a group of people want to earn money and make the whole thing out, Jesus Christ is just a actor, So actually historical argument have a heavy limitations. As the religion said itself, it is because what you believe.

 Life argument: The another point of view

At last back to my main argument, in conclusion, it is a matter of choice choosing if we believe or not. Hence we choose another point of view. Look at the people who are Christans. As if they behave well and make better progress of life, we can actually treat it as a tradition and get yourself in the society. Notice it has a strong condition, is you think that the tradition is not contradict to your life. However we have pretty proved it is not wrong. So we proceed.

But the bad thing is, religion actually cannot really control their lives. Hence in only view of real world(without considering the spiritual word), this argument really a tempt for us believe in.

It’s really easy. In my personal experience, I have really a good sense of it, really. Said an example, I was taken part in planning an activity of my class with a student, called Charlotte. I really felt that the warmth in my heart coming out when she said, ‘please pray, wish us a good day tomorrow.’ I can really remember that scene, as I am really impressed. However I can’t find any others in my recent memories. Although I know some Christians really behaved well. The majority is not.

How many really followed the golden rule Jesus Christ gave? The experience is really bad. I always thought the third Conditionals, ‘If I were a Christian, I would ….’ That actually make my hatred of Christianity. They have taken a serious damage of my life. Take an example, I fell in love with a Christan, and the fact told me, we can’t be married cause religion, that actually begins my chinese literature writing. So I changed the third Conditionals into ‘If Christianity didn’t exist, I would …’. To make the situation worse is, the explanation is, the majority accepted the religion, but they actually not treated it as the everday-guidence! Hence the conclusion is, it is just not consistent to my society. In addition, I don’t think Christianity actually preserve life itself, the human society. It’s easy, imagine you are in the world that the authority don’t judge people well, I mean if the authority judge you to hell only if you are the lower class of the people, what’s majority perform, the fact is the majority have the limitations, human itself have selfishness. We ended by the quote

“Right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.”


But a disclaimer is, first, it is my personal experience, hence my thought, generally followed by the criteria above, changed over time, and I, really want to change, in my wholeheartedly. Second, It’s not matter the religion is, is the person who believe what they perform in life.



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