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Summer Planner

Step on another corridor

The theme of this summer is stepping on another corridor, as this summer is between junior 3 years to senior 3 years. The brand new “corridor” is representing the new challenges. In this summer, we prepare everything, a deep discussion on a special aspect of mathematics, a new adventure for the physics olympiad. Even we will start a new journey of Chinese literature, and a sun rise running race. This theme describes 0ur situation and this summer, is our solution.

This smell of this summer, from 15 July to 31 August, is already spreading out.


1. CUHK Summer program

This summer, we would deep discovering geometry, but rather a new way, a real challenge awaits us. In this summer, we would have two intensive course, which are “Towards Differential Geometry” and”Understanding Non-Euclidean Geometry “, provided by Chinese University of Hong Kong, Enrichment for Young Math Talent.

a) Towards Differential Geometry

Course code: SAYT1134

Date:1/8, 2/8, 4/8, 5/8, 8/8, 9/8, 11/8, 12/8, 15/8, 2016

Examination Date: 19/8/2016

Time: 9:30am-12:00nn(Lecture), 1:00pm-4:15pm(Tutorial session)

Venue: To be confirmed

Teacher: Dr. Lau Chi Hin (CUHK)

University Recognition: 2 credits of CUHK

Expected applicants: Students advancing to Secondary 5 or 6, and have good knowledge of calculus and geometry. An exposure to physics will be helpful.

Introduction: This course, combining the knowledge of calculus and geometric intuition, leads students to explore the fruitful variety of curves and surfaces beyond lines, planes, and conics. Students will use calculus up to partial differentiation to describe curves and surfaces, to calculate the tangent vector, normal vector and curvature, tangent plane, geodesic and Gaussian curvature. Other essential geometric theorems, such as Gauss-Bonnet, will be introduced.

b) Understanding Non-Euclidean Geometry

Course code: SAYT1214

Date: 11/7, 12/7, 15/7, 18/7, 19/7, 21/7, 22/7, 26/7, 27/7, 2016

(Comment: Please Notice that 11/7 and 12/7 are not in summer)

Examination Date: 29/7/2016

Time: 9:30am-12:00nn(Lecture), 1:00pm-4:15pm(Tutorial session)

Venue: To be confirmed

Teacher: Prof. Wan Yau Heng Tom (CUHK)

University Recognition: 2 credits of CUHK

Expected applicants: Senior form students who have distinguished mathematical performance or have taken any previous EPYMT course. Students are expected to have exposure to beginning knowledge of tertiary mathematics.

Introduction: Starting with special geometric structures of complex plane, students will learn symmetry and conformality on complex transformations; the intriguing correspondence between the complex plane and a sphere; and Mobiüs transformation. Then students would be introduced to a number of amazing properties of Non-Euclidean Geometry from a modern point of view, including hyper-parallelism, non-Euclidean distance, constant curvature, and hyperbolic trigonometry.

2. Chloe-Napkin Project

Our project aim on the summer is to hand in a project to hand in Hang Lung Project, this is hard and tedious we expect. In this narrow of time, nothing planned and expected.

Sunday Fries


We are starting for a new area of physics. We would perform it by self-learning. Mainly studying on sunday. Our physics teacher prepared to have a video resource teaching physics.

2.Publish Work

My word-press site is certainly up to date! There are few things I want to write about, especially I want to add an about page, but wait! Keep track my site to know my publish work, thanks!


Actually the idea start up from a UST professor Kin Yi Li, he told me to do some sport as this would make me stronger and be more concentrate on the long 4 hours exam. As a result this idea come out. I decide to plan my sunday schedule, add this item in!








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