Singapore Invitational Mathematical Challenge

SIMC Diary 2016 #Finale

Cultural Immersion Programme

It’s time to buy our souvenirs! I thought the SIMC’s climax has already passed through, but the morning is quite interesting. We(only I and Jeff) have completely different behavior, While I am thinking this doesn’t worth it, Jeff has shown his best economics ability(this means he has a lot of money). First, Singapore is similar to HK, a lot of international things that I won’t buy, and I really think that the lion fishy thing isn’t worth buying it a statue. So I only concern about foods and books, but at that time, we ate breakfast at 8.30, and at 10.30 I ate an ice-cream(who can stop eating an ice-cream when the sun burning us?), but we are given $10(in Singaporean money) at 11 and ate lunch until 11.30( I have tried new things though, which are good). I have a habit is that I can’t think of food when I am full. How can I buy food when I am extreme full? The another issue is that after this programme, we would have prize giving ceremony, which I really need an award. I find it hard to think of food, while Jeff want to use up all his money. Our SLO(Isabel) act like a salesman selling Singapore’s food to him,(She nearly forget me). That’s really interesting. I have bought a Soft Chewy Candy, cost $4(I would have it for a classmate birthday present, unfortunately, she is not my lover), I also bought pineapple tart, cost $19.8, which a lot expensive.

 The Closing Ceremony

First before the ceremony, I walked to the Campus, I find a really good bookshop (called book heaven), I bought a book called Classical Mechanics, I actually planned going for a Physics Olympiad. And I practicing physics. This book definitely helped.

The Closing Ceremony, WE WON A COMMENDATION AWARD!!! And PCMS Team won a distinction award, which is better than us. The Champion is the Rival Institute, which their presentation is lot better than us. The Farewell dinner is good also, which we talked a lot. I met the Chief Judge there.

Photo Gallery(Day 4)


My instagram picture

The Last Greeting

Today is the day 7th, the last day in Singapore, I was sleeping here, hearing someone hitting the door hardly… “Is that me?” I thought. I looked at the door, and jumped up my bed.

It was six(we are told to gather at 5:45), I packed up all my things, and nothing late(the shuttle bus goes at 6.30), I talked to Avery Ching, and learnt that he don’t have a phone! Really surprising that is he don’t want a phone. We talked about some math at the shuttle bus(mainly my research project). We had photos at the departure hall, and leave our SLO. We have breakfast at the airport station, I had a sushi rice, which taste good.  Hey, really, it was indeed not really exciting. I managed to buy some souvenirs and go up the airport. We discuss a problem given by the Chief Judge, 10  people are communicating, they have their own secrets, when they make a phone call(say A and B), they said out all things they know(if A knows C secret, then B would know A,B,C secrets). How many phone calls have to make all people knows all secrets?

I asked Avery for comments in our reports, he said that the main mistake we made is we misread the question twice, which the two judges point out. The the small details are negligible. But the champion solution is actually out of my thought. But anyway, we at least gain a commendation award, and back to home. The journey is actually really tiring. On the airplane I watched Ku Fu Panda 3 and Paper Town. The curtain moves down, I have to face the exam now.

The Combined Events

For those who actually can’t understand what I am writing, here is the all programme notes.

Date (Day)
SIMC 2016 Students’ Programme
22 May (Sun)
Arrival of participants and registration
23 May (Mon)
Programme Briefing
Opening Ceremony
Tour of NUS High School
Learning Workshop
Ice-breaker games
24 May (Tue)
 Release of Challenge
Solving the Challenge
Solving the Challenge
25 May (Wed)
Solving the Challenge
Submission of Challenge solution
26 May (Thu)
Preparation for Oral Presentation
Challenge Oral Presentation
27 May (Fri)
Social and Cultural Activities
Award Presentation and Closing Ceremony
Dinner & Farewell Party
28 May (Sat)

In this trip, I bought:

  1. A book Classical Mechanics
  2. Pineapple Tart
  3. shrimp roll
  4. Soft Chewy Candy
  5. A pack of Bak kut teh

Tiring, No Wi-Fi, but exciting

I would rather describe this trip as a closing ceremony of Dual Program Level 2. A last check-up that you have learnt in your DP life. It tells you that your secondary school life in UST probably over.  The last chance chatting with professors, last chance being student of CDGT.

It’s the first time I left Hong Kong to participate an international competition. This experience actually proves me that don’t expect for a great tour visit of Singapore. But in this trip, My comment is ‘Tiring, No Wi-Fi, but exciting’.

Tiring is from our leader Thomas Chan, this trip will be very tiring. For students, be prepared that to skip your lunch for report submission and leave bed behind. For teachers, be prepared that to hold your camera up and knock the door for 15 mins to wake up sleeping students. We and Chief Judge will only leave the advice that to take some sleep. Our leader Thomas Chan will not stop saying ‘Very tired la, I won’t go next time.’ To change his tiring mind, I suggest that to let him go for the next trip.

No Wi-Fi is my biggest complaint. The NUS High School has actually no Wi-Fi, (it’s actually have Wi-Fi, but it is totally rubbish), so my suggestion is to take the Chief Judge advice, don’t surf the internet for answers, (because of the Wi-Fi), it would waste hours. NUS High wi-fi is total rubbish, so put down your phone and go chat with someone!

But exciting actually is not the whole experience, the principal talk on the closing ceremony(What that name of the executive committee you are talking?) is really boring, but I don’t mean that the chat with beautiful SLO is exciting, I mean the 30 hours you would face will be a brain feast, Skip your lunch and enjoy your lunch! Prepare to use any tools, Graph theory, integration, Cauchy-Schwartz Inequality…  Just open your mind!

Comments from Dr. Ching

Finally, he give some comments to our report, as he replied my email, so the pronoun should be changed. Also, the comments are not really friendly I guess, so interested, here it is :

in lemma 1.1, what is g?
and in the last part, why don’t you say that for k not divisible by 100 and…?

seems that the coordinate system you set up was never used.

In the second last paragraph, please clarify ‘unbalanced reduction of travel length’ as it is crucial in your argument.

Theorem 1.6 should be written as: A superhighway is perpendicular to another in order to reduce the maximum distance.

In the proof of theorem 1.6, what is meant by starting points and endpoints are perpendicular? In fact, points cannot be perpendicular. Moreover, I still don’t understand the last sentence ‘placing the another will lead to no two points …’

Proposition 1.7 is repetitive, consider that you gave a list of configurations of a superhighway earlier above.

In A.3a, what is meant by a network? Do you mean those computers which are joint directly to a certain superhighway?

In A.3b, a lot of explanation is redundant and can be suppressed.

In B.1, what do you mean by ‘the surface distance’ is maximal when …? It’d be better to clarify the area of a whatever region, the angular distance between which 2 points etc.

In B.2
The cost of placing satellites is fixed once n is fixed. What is the point of further studying the variation of the cost?

In the rest of B, we should have dealt with the sphere rather than the unit circle.

Mr. Robinson had the right to choose his strategy. Therefore random walk is not an appropriate model in this problem.

The Photo Gallery(Finale)




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