Singapore Invitational Mathematical Challenge

SIMC Diary#3

Challenge Released!

This diary is the mixture of the day 2 and day 3, so I may forget some details, but I would memorize it as good as I could. But I had a bad dream about my lover(day 2), and woke up at 6.23, so I miss the shower, and packed up everything to prepare my challenge. Then the worst thing come, when I was eating breakfast, I discovered our NUS High school WiFi is very bad, even make me furious afterwards. Then we got to the auditorium, the challenge released.

We decided to attack Part A first, and W T Tai attack Part B alone(We discover that Part A is actually the hardest). Question 1 is relatively easy, but we nearly stuck on question 3, time flies, the lunch time approaches. W T Tai finished question 1 and 2, and we only finish Part A question 1 and 2. After lunch, we make significant approach on question 3(Part A), and overkilled the Part C question 1, 2 and 3.

Report Submission

When we back the hostel, we stay together until 1 am, we finally solve Part A,  W T Tai solve Part B and C finally. I happily slept that night. And then The light of day 3 come;

In day 3, we mainly produce the report. We even skipped lunch. But overall, we solved all problems(Should be). We submitted the report 10 mins before deadline, and then I just lie down(which we are supposed to prepare oral presentation), chitchatting with others, I back to the U Town.

Problem Report and Analysis

Instead a programming theme in last year, this year is more math feel. Pat A is combinatorics, and Part B and C is geometry problem. I thought that I was too focus on Part A questions, luckily part A is hardest. The time is exactly enough, but I would point out someone on my team is actually nothing to do and play games, which I really hate.

The question 2 and 3 in part A is really IMO, and I am really not very good at it. we take lots of time hanging around question 3 in part A, and I don’t have good communication with another partner, Jeff(Jeffery is the one have nothing to do), he claimed he has solution, where I don’t agree with, but happily we solved the problem. At last I have solved question 1 and 4 in Part A, I also inspire Jeff a lot, the discussion made a lot of progress.

The bad thing I did is I got a lot concern in part a, I only checked the solution for WT Tai at night, but I can’t progress for their discussions. I also wish to do more math problems. I am just too weak to deal with the problems, especially combinatorics. Here is the attached of our team solution :

Our solutions 

Oral Presentation(Day 4)

After eating our lunch, we have to present it three times to three judges. The first and second time we cannot finish presentation within 20 minutes, and the third time because the SLO forget to stop us, so we finished the presentation. The judge 1 point out that we have made mistakes on part B, and judge 3 point out the part C last question actually doing things the same in question 2,3. Actually I am just enjoying myself and waiting for my challenge towards end.

Feeling Glory

After the presentation of the participation of certificate, I and the Pui Ching (PCMS for short) Team, and Mr. Lee, with the principal, going to have dinner with a two classmates of principal.

I will describe it really in detail. We first ride on a bus and go to MRT station. PCMS Team discuss about their solutions and say that how bad the oral presentation they make. We sat down for a drink(which the principal pay for us), and played cards.

We went to the riverside of the Singapore river, it is wondrous, and amazing. I really cannot see this fantastic view on HK. We sat on an open space, the wind passed through us, I finally having dinner with Mr. Lee, while the focus is already not on him, rather on the two classmates of principal, first classmate said he liked chemistry and have a degree on medicine, but the job being working with medicine bored him, so after two years he took computer science degree, and being a bank computer security now. While the second, after his degree on Mathematics in CUHK, he is being a salesman of lots of high-tech things, and moved to Singapore.

They said the education of Singapore is better a lot, it’s actually really easily be seen, although the literature in Singapore is not good, the math & science is a lot better, take example of NUS High School. NUS has four year of junior, which take an intensive course of calculus. The senior took the course of statics, and having electives course to choose such as multivariable calculus. I personally being just a NUS junior, with not so much interested in probability and modeling(I am really pure). So this is no concerning that I am worse than them. And in Singapore, they really respect the teacher, they sang the official song of Singapore twice everyday, which it is definitely impossible in Hong Kong.

Then the food and drinks, first to say something bad, it is not really enough for a can of coke with a long meal and talking. But the food is wonderful, I can describe that I hardly eating Pizza Hut with my mum, mainly because it is really too expensive. We looked at the price tag rather looking the meal itself. In here , it is the same class of Pizza Hut, I looked at the meal list only for fun, and never known how to make choices. Although it is only 70% filled up my appetite, we have an unforgettable experience. Here I found the glory within myself, I cannot find any manners in here while I am really hungry. I am first being treated as a bright student, I really find the motivation to do my maths more hardly. And I cannot help myself presenting my highest grateful to the first classmate for creating this experience.

This is NOT the last part of my “glory finding”!!!! The second classmate said he would give a ride to go around Singapore, I could not close my mouth, having feeling I have come from a small countryside, which haven’t seen a city yet. We passed through from the National library, to the little Indian, to the Golden Garden for the bay.

We talked a lot, mainly about the government of Singapore, unlike about HK, I think the reason of Singaporeans don’t need the freedom of discussing the government is the government is better enough! They have at least a house for a couple, but they have to be soldiers once. The building in Singapore is lot better (shorter and more beautiful) than Hong Kong’s boring extreme high building.

We headed into the Golden Garden, They are really beautiful, but this is the last stop of the journey.

Photo Gallery

Towers in the Golden bay, with 2 times 5=10 fingers forming a star
from left(Percy, Horace ,Anson ,I ,Janice)


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