Singapore Invitational Mathematical Challenge

SIMC Diary#2

Day 1 The Grand Open

Waking up at seven will definitely make my prefect day… How about take attendance at seven? That’s mean, I have to wake up at SIX! Don’t you think it’s too early?

Very fortunately, one problem will solve the another, as my ear, is still being painful as I am just arrived Singapore, I can’t sleep at night, Great! So I went to bed at eleven, and I didn’t sleep to six o clock! Apart from this issue, my room is just wonderful. My wifi access is good, there are air-conditioner… Prefect!

The breakfast is fine.The problem on Epigraph is too easy. Our two SLOs(Student Liaison Officer I guess) are Isabel and Feldmen. However, the Icebreaker game is not interesting at all. The game is, you have to find 25 people that fit in the descriptions such as (I celebrated more than one New Year, My country is landlocked..), so instead, we just find a place, settle down and enjoy ourselves. And then we have briefing for participants and the open ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony and my Journey

First, we have the welcome speech by the NUS High School Principal(I just fell asleep at that part). The Official Launch is exciting, we have a ball, with SIMC and CDGT logo aside. They also made a machine flying to the guest and bring them the key, the whole effect is good. Actually, the opening is not just for SIMC, also for ISSF(International Student Science Fair).

The lunch is great and the photo taking for all SIMC participants is “life eating”. The weather in Singapore is really warm, and then we sat on a hot stone staircase for 15 minutes, not being burnt is extreme lucky.

Finally our Chief Judge is not speaking Singlish. He talked about the last SIMC problems and report, and give some obvious and non-important advice, except get some sleep. The advice listed below:

  1. Don’t write essay(A bunch of words but not clear), Have clear layout, let your Judge know what are you doing. Help the Judges.
  2. Use Computer(Internet) for some unknown words, not searching around some algorithm, because you will waste hours.
  3. To enrich your model(e.g. 2014 Part C last question) ,Don’t give 12 boring ways(to die), but make some rather qualitative chat about your some not so exciting model
  4. Your report don’t have to be beautiful, just draw some accurate diagram on paper and photo it.
  5. For the problem about proof for you can’t solve, take some example, give some relativistic reason rather than only answer, of course proving it is the best.

Then, the briefing of the Challenge Committee is to make someone fall asleep, and the School Tour begin, the School in fact really big, three biology three chemistry three physics lab, also some applied technology lab, life science lab, synthetic chemistry and analytical chemistry lab is just far more than I imagine. But when I talked them about what they learn on math in NUS High School in the first few years, I found that they actually learn calculus and statistics, In US, you can just imagine they take all your IGCSE level stuff about math. In HK, you can imagine they are taking M1+M2 in core program.

Th worst part of this day should be I have no WI-Fi access in NUS high school, which today involve more waiting. Oh my God…… Nevertheless, we have a great day.

Photo Gallery

Our PCMS team leader

the flying machine giving the key
Official launch for SIMC and ISSF

Selfie of Myself, waiting for Photo taking

 The School Corner

To keep track of my school busy studies… I asked my classmate for daily updates.

  1. Chemistry: The teacher have finished Chapter 3 in 100 minutes, under my expectation.
  2. Chinese History: The teacher just give a video about Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, that’s mean I can miss this lesson.
  3. Chinese: The teacher finished 2 pages Worksheet. Should be fine
  4. Mathematics: Actually my math teacher, is the PCMS leader in SIMC, I have no worries about my math study actually.
  5. English: I guess they finish corrections on Compositon, which I have finished it and handed it in.

The Teacher Journey

After eaten my cup noodles, I whatsapp my cute leader what they experience today, because I am really tired, so here is our conversation:

Q(Me): What are you doing today?

A: Tiredly going around, so hot

Q: You have Singapore tour, what that

A:It’s a culture tour, Go though China town, Indonesia, and take a boat ride.

A: take picture at that lion mermaid thing, that all

Q: wow, How about the school tour?

A: phy bio chem lab

Q: Is the welcome dinner a big feast?

A: yes, there are many choice of food(we are eating in a hotel)

Q: I have only eaten my cup noodles, We have so many people on the line waiting for food…

A: But our food are the same.

Q: where do you have lunch?

A: In school hall, I have to stand for so long, but at least there are air-conditioner and music.

Q: Have you met my teacher? Do you talked about me?

A: No, we just talked about the teaching stuff, the syllabus.

Q: How about photo taking, have it burnt you alive?

A: we take it indoor, except the lion mermaid.

Q: What is the SIMC Briefing Programme for you?

A: Just talk about things to do after today.

Q:we have stress tmw while you are taking nonsense lecture…

A: that true, boring lecture, I have stress on my office work and things awaits me…

Yes, things also awaits me, I have to stop here and have a good sleep.




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